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Blue Light Is More Harmful than UV

Subject: Blue Light


You don’t stare at the sun but what about the time you spend staring at electronic screens?


1)      Blue-light is scientifically recognized as harmful to the retina.

2)      New lighting technologies, such as LEDs, emit higher proportions of blue light than warm and yellow low lighting.

3)      Our eyes’ daily exposure to artificial lighting and LEDs is increasing as they are used in mobile phone and tablet back-lighting and even children’s toy lighting.

4)      Blue light goes deeper than UV into the eyes.

5)      The narrow blue phototoxic range, 415nm to 455 nm, has been valued in designing a new category of ophthalmic lens.

We’ll keep you updated as new technologies and lens materials are invented besides yellow lenses that filter out blue light!


SOURCE: Optometric Management March 2014