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New Options for Cataract Surgery

While so-called premium IOLs (artificial lenses or intraocular lenses replacing your cataract) have been around for almost a decade, newer iterations perform better than their predecessors. There are many lenses on the market and ultimately choosing the right one is the responsibility of you, your optometrist and the cataract surgeon. Get aquatinted with the newest IOLs concepts and options.

Toric IOLs for astigmatic patients needing correction for 1.00D or above. Torics now come in cylinder options from +6.00  to +34.00 i.e. the Acrysof IQ Restor IOLS and the Tecnis Toric Aspheric IOLSome new IOL options could allow for less dependence on those reading glasses and maybe even eliminate them completely. Glare and halos during the adaption period is common.

IOLs come with multifocals with +4D adds as well as reading powers in the lower add multifocals IOLs (i.e. add powers of +2.75 to +3.25D). Accommodating lenses by flexing in a way analogous to the natural human lens, crystalens and its toric version, the Trulign Toric, patients do well but will have more difficulty reading up close.

In all of these situations, the surgeon will need to consider a variety of anatomical and visual factors when making the final call. Stay tuned for part 2 when we explore new cataract surgery IOLs in FDA trials. 


Credit: Review of Optometry