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ECO Eyewear

  • ECO is designed by the boutique eye wear firm MODO
  • ECO is the only eye wear brand in the world to use 63% plant-based and 95% recycled plastic materials
  • ECO believes in 3 conclusions: LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, and DO GOOD. Where they want their customers to know that they are helping the environment while looking good by doing it.
  • In 2009, Eco started the program “One Frame One Tree” in partnership with NGO Trees for the future.
  • By buying any of the frames from MODO’s recycled collection, a tree will be planted.
  • ECO has so far achieves to plant one million trees in Cameroon, Africa, where 22 million hectares of forest was destroyed by 80% from industrial logging.
  • By buying an ECO frame you are helping the people of Cameroon and the environment be a better place.


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Created by: Ashly Borjas