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Menicon Contact Lenses


  • Miru 1 day Menicon Flat Pack is the world’s thinnest package for daily disposable and frequent replacement
  • Their secondary boxes are made from recycled lens plastic while their primary packages are made from significantly less material than other contact lenses packages
  • One strip contains 3 lenses
  • The Menicon Flat Pack only measures 3.44″ by 1.63″, making it easier to store it in your wallet or bag
  • The packs are shipped with .2 mL of solution to keep them hydrated and prevent any type of contamination.
  • Miru’s flat package is developed for once its open, the lenses will pop up, always be facing up and ready for use.
  • Miru’s material and structure are made to reduce friction when a blink occurs resulting in a more comfortable experience















Created by: Ashly Borjas