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No Longer Accepting New Patients

Thank you again to all of our patients for the opportunity to provide your eye care over the years. Please note that as of May 28, 2024 our office is closed for eye exam appointments. We’ll continue to complete requests for copies of your records until June 15, 2024.

If you are experiencing pain or loss of vision please contact your nearest emergency room facility.

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Dr.Ong’s Office Goes Green

Our office is in the process of joining the The California Green Business Program! The California Green Business Program works with small to medium sized businesses to grow a vibrant and healthy green economy statewide. Our office’s efforts contribute to more livable communities with healthier environments while also conserving resources and saving money. This year, the California Green Business Program has saved 835,334 metric tons of CO2 with a total savings of $3,083,277. That’s the equivalent of planting 44,161 acres of urban trees a year for ten years.Join our office in growing with the California Green Business Program! Green business is smart business. To find out how to incorporate green practices to your own business, conserve resources and become more efficient, click here!

Green Program List:

  • Purchase printer paper with at least 30% post consumer waste
  • Purchase paper towels with at least 35% post consumer waste
  • Request that marketing materials be printed on recycled content paper
  • Provide recycling and composting bins; compost food scraps
  • Make double-sided printing a standard
  • Lease rather than purchase computers or printers
  • Have permanent ware/ refillable containers in break rooms
  • Replace T-12 fluorescent lighting with T-8 or T-5
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent
  • Use ENERGY STAR office equipment with energy saving features
  • Go above 1.6 gpf toilets to 1.28 gpf toilets with Drop-A-Brick
  • Install aerators to sinks
  • Join the Air Districts Spare the Air Program to notify employees of Spare the Air days
  • Hire locally!
  • Replace all aerosols with pump dispensers
  • Use no products with added antibacterial agents (soap)
  • Create a bin for Universal Wastes (batteries, light bulbs) to properly store and recycle












Created by: Kevin Duong